Established in Victoria since January 1999!

Dear valued clients,

During this difficult time I considered shuttering my home massage business and going back to work at my old career.  Since my old career IS an essential service, I would stay employed, but I felt it would be riskier for my health as an asthma sufferer as I would be in contact with multiple people with potentially compromised immune systems, and have to take care not to catch pneumonia myself.  I also have a crazy strong immune system so I also feared becoming an asymptomatic carrier.  (It is possible that my compulsive hand washing is why I never get sick.) 

When I took a closer look at what I can do to adapt my massage service to comply with the new recommendations, I saw several clear and easy ways where I could make simple changes, while protecting my health and yours.  The first was to self-isolate as much as possible, and stay at home with only 1 weekly trip to grocery shop, which most of my recent clients have already been doing for 3-4 weeks now, good job!   Many of you are still working, when not at home, having been declared an essential service, and I understand you are beginning to suffer under the pressure and stress of having no healthy outlets, so I am glad to be able to help.

While I have always maintained a very clean place, disinfecting surfaces and oil bottles between clients, I have also added some extra cleaning protocols just in case:

1) I have now been adding bleach to every load of laundry, not just to those whites needing brightening.  I am also careful to wash my hands after handling used towels or bedding, and before handling clean laundry to avoid cross contamination.

2) I sterilize every single surface that MAY HAVE been touched by me or others, after every guest leaves and again prior to my next guests arrival.  This includes my phone, the hooks for your clothes, the shower, sink and toilet, and even the towel racks where you might hang your towel between showers.  (I'm overthinking everything)

3) I am running an air purifier 24/7 to keep the air clean of micro droplets that may have been expelled by myself or others while talking. I am also taking care not to breathe or talk directly towards anyones face.

4) I shower before and after each massage, and wash my hands again, before and after touching every client or the payment.

5) Of course pecks on the cheek or good-bye pecks on the lips had to stop.  I also avoided hugs for a few weeks, but I now ask if you'd like a brief hug, with faces turned away, because we all need hugs these days and its a personal choice.

6) I'm even refraining from kissing my pets anywhere near their cute little faces! 

There are probably a few extra things I'm forgetting but if you have any questions please ask.  More importantly, take good care of yourselves and resist the urge to congregate or socialize until we are safely through this crisis!  We can relax and compare weight gain after this is all over LOL.


Q.   Have you been ordered to close due to Covid-19?

A. No. I am a single, home based worker, not an "establishment" with multiple employees and many clients frequenting the same location where there could be 10 or more people gathered. 

Q. Could you elaborate?

A. Yes, as of March 21st "British Columbia's top doctor is ordering all personal service establishments - such as salons and spas - in the province to close."  

I am not a salon or a spa! 

Q. How many people ARE you coming in contact with daily?

A. I have 2 visitors a day maximum, and am not seeing any lovers, relatives, elders or friends that work with others. (Or whom have kids or come in contact with elderly people).  

Q. Do you need extra time to prepare things prior to my arrival or should I come early?

A. I am taking extra time and factoring that in to the time I agree to meet so I am asking people to please not hasten here early during this time.

Q. What defines an essential service these days?

A. Essential services, according to the province, are those daily services essential to “preserving life, health, public safety and basic societal functioning. They are the services British Columbians rely on in their daily lives.”