Established in Victoria since January 1999!

When you enter I will greet you warmly and lead you to the massage room to ply you with a choice of beverage, while you get undressed.  Currently I offer bottled water, Perrier, Tonic water, coconut water, juice (orange, pineapple and cranberry), Coke, San Pelligrino (lemon), coke zero and diet ginger-ale.  I also can spike your drink from my personal stash if you desire ~Kraken Rum, Russian standard Vodka or Empress Gin.  I also stock a basket of complimentary snacks (nuts, chocolates, tic tacs, Clif bars, cheezies, beef jerky, cookies etc) so that you don't go hungry before or after your massage!

I am trained in Swedish and Deep Tissue massage. I have honed my skills over the past 23 years and learned to meet the clients needs, offering light, medium or hard pressure. I use natural coconut oil that is great for the skin and scent-free.

* Light pressure is teasing, soothing, sensuous and not deep… Spa like.  Perfect to enhance your mind-body connection and send you into deep relaxation.

* Medium strength adds pressure to the knots, particularly in upper shoulders or glutes, which is effective in releasing muscle tension and restoring mobility.  This is the most popular kind of massage as it is relaxing yet effective.

* Hard is where I use my body weight to full effect to really dig out the knots! Since tight muscles prohibit blood flow and encourage lactic acid build up, you may feel some pain, but it's not real pain, it's just a message to the brain on where to send the fresh oxygenated blood. Once blood flow is resumed to the area, the lactic acid is flushed away, usually within a few minutes.   It hurts real good, in my opinion, but then I personally enjoy grueling Thai massages...  

(There is no up selling or anything untoward, and I do not offer full service (Ie BJ's or sex) so kindly respect me and don't ask either before or during our time together.)

The different sessions and their fee can be found on the rates page!

My Service.

 A little more detail on my sessions.