​​Massage Rates.

My massage services include snacks and beverages! 

Please add 15-20 minutes to your session for dressing/undressing and an accompanied shower scrub down at the end.

(Please buzz in at the appointment time, ie do not buzz early.)

GST included!

$140 - 1  hour introduction

This session is great if your time is limited, but fair warning, it passes quickly!  It is a full body massage, done in the nude, (yes both of us) and  includes a body-slide, and  nice slow hand-release at the end.

$180 ~ 1.5 hour massage   *Most popular*

This session is the most popular because it is jam packed with pampering from start to finish!  It begins with a slow release, then follows a massage, body-slide and second,  slow but thorough, hand release.

$220 ~ 2 hour massage  (My personal favorite)


This session is almost identical to the 1.5hr but everything is drawn out with a more stately pace, and allows for more time with the beginning and ending, should you need it. 

$260~ 2.5hr massage 

This session is very indulgent, with a more leisurely pace...This one allows for 3 releases, should you like a short one in the middle..?

$300 ~ 3 hour massage

This is my longest session, if you like firm or deep pressure, this one reaches my  physical limitations.  This one also allows for 3 releases, should you like  a leisurely one in the middle..?

Don't forget...


When you contact me, please be sure to mention which session you'd like, as well as your first name and prefered day and time.  This will greatly speed up the booking process!