Lucy is great. I'm more of a half-hour guy, so haven't seen her much or in a quite a while. But she's a great mix of therapy, personality and sexiness. It's always time and money well-spent.


​July 2020

I just visited Lucy recently (again). She is my favourite massage provider and she was the first one I ever visited. She has an easy going personality that puts you at ease almost immediately and, in my view, is very pretty and sexy. She has mad skills (re: Happy Ending) and makes the session fun with her bubbly disposition and interesting post session conversation. I am lucky to have had my experiences with her and look forward to my next session with anticipation.


August 2014

Lucy has the upbeat positive service attitude that befits the accolades she has been given over the past few years. I chose to experience her service over the physical appearance of the usual petite providers I normally am attracted to and I am very happy I did.

Service is strictly FBSM, no daty, bj or bbbj and no digits. Still the russian and hand-job, and very oily slippery bodyslide were a thing of exquisite sensuality and an art that comes only from those that enjoy what they do. Lucy exudes an attitude of drawing maximum pleasure out for you in her near tantric sliding and strokes bringing you to the edge as many times as you can stand in the allotted time.
The masterful climax is followed by an accompanied shower and lavish considerations that make the $.2 investment for the hour a real bargain compared to what Calgary has to offer.


July 2010

I visited Lucy a few weeks ago for my first experience from a provider. In a word, she was superb! Very clean and classy location, she is a knock out and put me at ease right away. She sets the standard all others need to aspire to. She makes sure you can see her ENTIRE beautiful body, no inhibitions and even an affectionate cuddle before she scrubbed me in the shower.
I tried another provider recently and there was no comparison. I may try more soon but will always return to Lucy.


​March 2013

We Luv Lucy

Lucy's a national treasure. We're building a monument to honour her in Harris Green Park. The design plans aren't totally done yet, but for sure it will include a sizable fountain.


June 2008

Lucy has it all. She's got the body, she's got the face, she's got the sexy voice, and she's got the naughty-but-nice (but really naughty) disposition that's just so hard to come by. Wish I could get to Victoria more often!


August 2011

Lucy - OMG

Well...Many great things have been said about Lucy on this board. I will happily agree with all of them. I do not get to Victoria as often as I would like to but I was in town the other day and had some extra time. I have previously arranged the time with her and did not regret any minute of it. I do not think I have to get into many details as many before me have already. She is a great lady and I had a great time. I will return if she will have me.

~"Taz man" 

November 2008

*​ All of these reviews are taken straight from, the "pacific escort review board". 

Look in the "Victoria Massage" section in the forum to see reviews of me dating back 20+ years!

(If you can't see the reviews, you may have to join up and log in to see them.) 

Lucy revisited

Do we revisit Lucy?

Or does Lucy revisit us?

I hadn't seen Lucy in more than a year. Happily, her warm, empathetic and perpetually bemused remains, as does her enthusiastic sensuality. Lucy may be 40+, but she's at the top of her game.

From my perspective, what a beguiling, passive pleasure: Lay there and be done to. Love it. And unlike some other practicioners and Lucy imitators here in Victoria, she's no clock-watcher.

After close to an hour and a half of pleasuring and an explosive finish--at least for this geezer--I stepped out into the sunlight with my flagging masculinity much renewed and a keener sense of being alive. 


August 2011

I loved Lucy’s massage, I tried once just out of curiosity and she is amazing at it.. loved her personality and massage.. she is bit on the older site but yeah she can handle young cock.. no fs though.. Amazing time and edging..


July 2020

​​Lucy is the only one downtown worth visiting imo. She's amazing. Ariel is a good second option, but to me, no one can match Lucy anywhere in town.


Lucy was my best choice of MP provider. I order a 3 hour session with 2 end(ings), last ends spent more time and interesting, pampered. Lucy’s place clean and comfortable. Lucy always prepare new towel and warm mineral oil. Lucy service started with a long draw out end(ing) before massage, warm and little hot oil feel so good. Massage section was very good and it help me relax. I order 3 hour session so Lucy asked me wanna short one in middle, I chose add it to last release. The second and last release more teasing and spent more time. Lucy’s oil bodyslide most fun and she used many hot oil to cover her sexy body.   Lucy have natural big tits , sexy areola, russian are most fun and I never forgot my rod rub and touch her nipple and give lucy a pearl necklace.


April 2020

Lucy's been practicing her craft in this town for 16 years. A record, I think.

She deserves full credit for staying ahead of the curve: Consider her artful space...

She's also refined her touch: It's even more tactile, more playful, more titillating than it was.

When I consider some of the others--"Happy" Asians for instance, at $80 to $100, with minimal foreplay and dreadful results, depending--Lucy's sensual overload towers in the value department.

And finally, the accompanied shower: Who else does that? It's the warm-and-cuddly after the storm, and it puts a smile on your face (well, mine anyway).

And now, looking at my own words, I realize I should visit her much more than I have.

~ Poet

​June 2014​

You are a goddess among peasants. Hands down the most unrushed fullfilling experience I've ever had. Amazing doesn't begin to describe the level of comfort and satisfaction I've taken away from our time together. Thank you again. Xo


​Feb 2018

(Best text message ever!))

Lucy- My very first MP was Lucy. Let’s just say I left with a huge smile. Her massage room is neat and tidy, her prostate massage is the best I’ve ever had (in fact the only one I’ve really enjoyed) and the chocolate and beverage at the end are a great touch. She’s been reviewed a ton, but I figured accolade were due. Definitely recommend.


April 2019

- Lucy -

It's been many a year since I visited with Lucy, although each time was as pleasant as the last. She is a fabulous person, with a great service. Repeat:. Have many times, although not sure why I haven't recently. It must be time!


April 2018

Lucy! Lucy! Lucy! My session with her was everything I hoped it would be and more. A deep massage and a sweet voice talking me thru a great release! I need to say this...with hands like those she is worth a repeat visit...soon!


Febuary 2011

Lucy if she is not available call Lucy, and my third choice is Lucy ~macoy out

~"Dr Macoy" 

June 2009

Review for Lucy - damn

Recently had a 90 minute appointment with the legendary Lucy. God damn lads. Experience and professionalism make all the difference in the world.

Her incall location is a classy, discreet spot downtown. The photos online are all accurate. Right away she made me feel comfortable; poured me a fantastic bevvy and got down to some naughtiness pronto. She is good with her hands and the hot oil. Very sensual, took her time. First release was A1. Then the vibe relaxed a little. The conversation flowed through the massage, which usually I'm not a fan of, but Lucy is so welcoming and a great conversationalist. Damn is she a good conversationalist. We talked about a whole gambit of topics and it just flowed. The massage was pretty good - ask for the hard pressure, you can take it. Body slide was fun. On the flip, great views. Very fun and sexy. The grand finale was shot number 2.

I am an experienced prostate player, I enjoy it very much. So I was intrigued by the service Lucy offers. God damn. My eyes were rolling into the back of my head. This lady knows how to touch a man.
We finished off with a little cuddle and some more conversation before a scrub down shower. After the shower, the chat continued until I was dressed. I had to remind myself to be respectful and leave because it was just like catching up with an old friend. Very refreshing.
 Lucy is NOT a clock watcher.
Treat her right lads. She's a legend for a reason.


(February 2018)

I saw Lucy last year and it was a very memorable experience. Google "Lucy's Massage". IMHO she's a bit prettier in person and her voice is husky and sexy. She doesn't do half hour appointments I don't think, but the hour is well priced and she'll make you feel like a king.


​​​I can't add too much to all the good things that have already been said, but for those who haven't seen her, she's well worth a visit even if she isn't your type, just to see what personality and attention to detail can mean in this industry. (And btw she's better looking than she seems in her photos). Is there anyone else out there who will clean your glasses before you start so you'll appreciate the mirrors more?!!


June 2013


So I just saw Lucy again last week and I have to say that she is deserving of the compliments she receives. She's skilled, warm, sexy and puts you at ease. I can't always say all those things about other massage providers in town. And it's a delight to chat with her at the end and not feel like I'm being rushed out. I think we are fortunate to have her in Victoria.


August 2020

I recently revisited Lucy for an hour of blissful pampering. She has a great location right downtown with a very discrete entrance and in a very nice building. I was greeted at the door by a sexy dressed and friendly Lucy. She led me to her room that she has set up and after the business was dealt with she returned with 2 bottles of water.

Well she is a very naughty lady that I believe enjoys what she does and goes the extra to ensure you have a great time. All in all there was good massage (full body) and two happy endings for the 1.5hrs. 

Afterwards she had a shower with me and scrubbed me all clean for the end of the session. As I was about to leave she offered me a bag of nuts, chicklets, or another treat from a lil basket. I have to tell you guys this was a nice touch.    


​July 2012

​I went over for a one hour massage, body-slide, and HJ. What I received was an incredible experience, from the moment she opened her door, until I wobbled back down the stairs to my car.
Lucy is very nice, and was (sort of) purrring and growling as I undressed, I lay on the bed, and she started to massage my back, legs and bum. then she pored more oil on and started the bodyslide; very nice as she really utilized her ample breasts. the mood and the tempo began to slow; as she started to reach through from the back and massage the twig + berries, and paying special attantion to my ass. next was the flip, more bodysliding, more oil, and starts to slowly and gently massage the rod. and she then places it between her breasts, and starts a russian; and asks me to press her breasts tightly together, while she continues to use both hands. This only took a few minutes and I sprayed all over the place. she laid beside me on the bed, and we cuddled for several minutes, and then it was off to the shower, where she scrubbed me all over, to a squeaky clean finish.
I was there for just over an hour, and it cost $.2
for me this is a definite repeat, as this is exactly what I'm looking for, when I get back to Victoria.


June 2008

I've seen Lucy a number of times over the last few years, most recently earlier this year. She gives light, medium and hard massages... They are as therapeutic as an RMT... I usually go for the light sensual massage and she always delivers. Plus she's very engaging and personable. And at the end, she'll join you in the shower and scrub you down. No complaints from my end.


April 2020

Lucy's Massage Service

I decided to see what all the fuss was about, and booked some time to see Lucy. She's a mature provider and I like to indulge with younger ladies most of the time, but I would say she is attractive for her age and her pics are completely accurate. This lady takes her profession seriously. From the moment you arrive, she makes the entire session 100% all about you, and her goal is to pamper you from head to toe. I went for a slightly longer session and she really does a nice thorough massage in addition to the happy ending. Regardless of your age preference, I think every guy should go see Lucy at least one to experience a top notch full body massage of this caliber.


March 2019

I agree Lucy is one of the best.
For massage & body slide .
She knows all the tantric triggers on my body.
Her touch is like a feather that lights up the Erotic meridians. 
Umm good feelings....


September 2010

Lucy has moved to another nice location downtown. Her massage room is set up to her usual high standards -- soft lighting and mirrors in place. Shower room even nicer that her last -- important for her after-shower scrubdowns with you.

She still does the best slip'n'slide in town, combined with a genuine massage that makes you feel great, excellent rates, and she is as fun as always. She is also the most dependable provider in town -- I have seen her for years now, and she has never done a "no-show" or delayed a session. Search for "lucy" in the Victoria section here, and you will find nothing but praise.

Her services might be the best value-for-money anywhere in Canada...and she's genuinely nice.


~RIP "HankQuinlan" 

April 2008